Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976) Le deportate della sezione speciale SS

Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976) Le deportate della sezione speciale SS

Directed by: Rino de Silvestro

Actors: John Steiner, Lina Polito, Stefania D’Amario, Erna Schurer, Sara Sperati, Solvi Stubing, Guido Leontini

Language: English (German subtitles)

Country: Italy

Also known as: Le deportate della sezione speciale SS, SS Special Section Women, Deported Women, Des filles pour la section spéciale

Description: Gloomy castle, once belonged to the ancient noble family, has been turned into one of the circles of the Nazi hell – holds the special concentration camp for deported women

Review: If you ask me what the film «Deported Women of the SS Special Section» differs from other paintings offer the viewer in one bottle nazisploitation and women-in-prison, I answer, that virtually nothing. Generally speaking, a person who is interested in the history of cinema, just look, well, at least, “Ilzu – SS wolf” once and for all close to the subject himself. Just because there is nothing fundamentally different directors struggled on this path, the audience did not offer and could not offer, and because the public itself was well aware that nothing but a large number of erotic scenes, violence and generously seasoned with black Nazi uniform fetish of her film and gift is not necessary. Only those who are more or less buried in a huge layer Sc. exploitation-movie 70’s, not to mention he had gone to the head, will be looking for (and unsuccessfully) in each of these films, and any special features of the original directors finds that, too, in fact, it was boring kropat a blueprint disposable crafts. A particularly interesting in this case to detect figs in his pocket, which are often held director and screenwriter, with honest persons taking off his prodigious trash.

In the film, Rino Di Silvestro figs became a way of special camp commandant SS Ernera that creators assembled to as a Kukryniks. In the workshop, a grotesque version of John Steiner, he recalled “Fritz” from Soviet agitkartin war years, and has by its very existence turns the content of «Le deportate della sezione speciale SS». Say, you’re here, of course, can the naked girls in the shower so enjoy swallowing saliva staring at the scene of lesbian love, but, sapienti sat – it’s just an opportunity to play forfeits and earn little money on a popular topic. You do, now that you brought here by some wind, you can just relax, laugh himself to the ignorance, well … In the end, after all the girls and really beautiful … And the director anything can really tried hard to miss does not have to.

After all, for the entertainment of respectable public cartoon Herr Erner, covered in a black uniform with aiguillettes and lots of iron trinkets, dressed in breeches incredible width and nadraennye to mirror boots fit perfectly. In an effort to achieve a prisoner of love Tanya Nobel, which he unsuccessfully solicited before the war, he did not hesitate to use any means: it and its torments, and bestows gifts, organizing orgies and punishes his lackadaisical batman Dobermans … Very playful punishing. In general, erotomania will not be bored, and the rest will find something to laugh heartily. Prisoners meanwhile, distracted by the inevitable erotic adventures, prepare the rebellion and escape, which, of course, and consequential in the final. With the punishment of evil SS troops, of course, and their accomplice. Well, the very special Ernera awaits retribution to which fantasy Di Silvestro, frankly, is not stingy.

Of course, this story is not rich in twists and turns, and just … rich. Well actually, this movie is not for the scene and shoot. However, the sex scenes are, oddly enough, is also special frankness not sin … They, of course, a lot, and sometimes it seems that de Silvestro is struggling to cope with the violence of his imagination, but in the end it turns out that the same “Ilse” or For example, the French «Helltrain» went on a “soft porn” is much more than a «Deported Women of the SS Special Section». But, by and large – this is just a variation. More – less … In any case, all clear for what such a movie was filmed on that claim. This example is far from the worst. In addition, the Stelvio Cipriani composed for the film simply elegant melody that by its very existence can justify his appearance on the screen. Well, fans of thrash movie, of course, as without us?

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