Young Playthings 1972

Young Playthings 1972

Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno

Actors: Christina Lindberg, Eva Portnoff, Margareta Hellstrom

Language: Sewedish

Country: Sweden

Also known as:


A key love event between Nora Holmkvist (Eva Portnoff) and Janne Bergman begins this most unusual story of bizarre pleasures and hypnotic happenings. Janne is gladly married to Gunnila Bergman (Christina Lindberg), who additionally occurs to be Nora’s best buddy. In order to have the best of both globes, Nora and Janne devise a plan to create a sexual threesome with Gunnila.

While Janne is away on business, Nora rents an area in a boarding house and intends to initiate the timid and innocent Gunnila to the pleasures of gender. Gunnila is repulsed, however, by what she sees and hears and runs out from the area and then stumble into one particular strange and unbelievable adventure of her life. She fulfills Britt (Margaretta Hellstrom), manufacturer of “toys” and master of the many bodily pleasures. Britt’s globe is a unique one, one which mysteriously envelopes forever all who enter her room. Britt’s “pleasure horse”, “passion bush”, and “maiden’s chair~’ are just some of the devises that

assistance launch Gunnilas normal inhibitions and offer some of the most erotic scenes previously put on film.

Gunnila and Nora soon become hopelessly connected to Britt’s area of enjoyment and expose the existence of the studio to Janne. The long awaited threesome, today a truth, begin to explore the endless opportunities of love and gender and among three people.

Finally the evening arrives when Janne will be join Nora and Gunnila in Britt’s apartment. Gunnila believes about all the individuals committed to Britt; a successful attorney that is now a pimp; two profession girls whom are whores: etc. All these people have actually sacrificed their lives, their identities to enter Britt’s area at her beck and call. She realizes the 3 of these will endure the exact same fate and urges them to go out of. Insane anger flares up in Nora and whenever she informs Britt that the other two have actually altered their minds, Britt hands her a blade and orders her to destroy Gunnila.

A zombie-like Nora stabs Gunnila in the corridor and runs down, not recognizing the knife had a collapsible blade and Gunnila has only tainted. Nora disappears behind Britt’s home to be trapped in a living hell of intimate torments while Gunnila and Janne find safety in each others hands.

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