Scandal in Black (1990) Appuntamento in nero

Scandal in Black (1990) Appuntamento in nero

Directed by: Antonio Bonifacio

Actors: Mirella Banti, Andy J. Forest and Mary Lindstrom

Country: Italy

Also known as: Appuntamento In Nero, Naked Rage, Scandal in Black, Appointment In Black

Description: John is a British diplomat; he’s married to Angela, a beautiful former model with a taste for hot lovemaking. But John doesn’t want to be with Angela anymore and with his mistress Eva he comes up with a plan to kill his wife. Something goes awfully wrong: no longer the schemer and would-be killer, John finds himself on a deadly list. Who’s the mastermind behind this setup? Gianni is running out of time and all odds are against him. Torn between Angela and Eva, he has to make a quick decision in order to stay alive!

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