Cannibal Vegetarian (2012) Ljudozder vegetarijanac

Cannibal Vegetarian (2012) Ljudozder vegetarijanac

Title: Cannibal Vegetarian
Year: 2012
Original title: Ljudozder vegetarijanac
Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes
Country: Croatia
Language: Croatian
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Genre: Drama

Director: Branko Schmidt


Rene Bitorajac … Danko Babic
Natasa Janjic … Sestra Lana
Leon Lucev … Ilija
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic … Jedinko
Zrinka Cvitesic … Doktorica Lovric
Daria Lorenci … Doktorica Miller
Ksenija Pajic … Doktorica Domljan
Mustafa Nadarevic … Patolog Marelja
Robert Ugrina … Doktor Soldo
Kresimir Mikic … Doktor Bantic
Rakan Rushaidat … Hassan Al Sadat
Ljubomir Kerekes … Profesor Matic
Zdenko Jelcic … Pukovnik
Slaven Knezovic … Smoljo
Ksenija Marinkovic … Pacijentica Svarc

Plot / Synopsis

Danko Babic is an ambitious and amoral gynecologist at Croatia’s leading fertility clinic. When his colleague Bantic is appointed as head of the clinic, Babic starts a secret war to overthrow his rival. Distracted by his ruthless campaign he makes series of fatal mistakes that result in the death of a patient. A crooked coroner and a corrupt police officer cover up his misdeeds, while Babic grows increasingly dependent on drugs and alcohol. He begins performing illegal abortions on prostitutes who work for Jedinko, a gangster who controls the local drug and sex trade. When a prostitute dies following a botched abortion, the police become suspicious but Babic’s dodgy contacts save him once again by destroying evidence. He forges test results to discredit his hated rival Bantić and replaces him as chief of staff at the clinic. Now that he finally has what he wants, our protagonist wants to cut his ties with the criminal underworld. But his ‘friends’ ask him for one more favor: an abortion for a woman who is heavily pregnant…

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