Strange Crime (2004) Sotto falso nome

Strange Crime (2004) Sotto falso nome

Directed by: Roberto Andò

Actors: Daniel Auteuil, Greta Scacchi and Anna Mouglalis

Country: France | Switzerland | Italy

Also known as: Strange Crime, Cena pozadania, Ihtirasin bedeli, Le prix du désir, Paraforo pathos, Preis des Verlangens, Under a False Name, Uno strano crimine

Description of Strange Crime movie: The atmosphere detective created not bad, but quite predictable and sometimes silly.

Several good shot, erotic scenes. The music is well suited to the film.

Good story, however, sometimes I get the feeling that besides sex, heroes nothing moves, not showing the other side of life, but I guess he and the erotic Thriller. Though the film is something missing, there is no development, could be good, the plot moves (for example line with his son), and the final is also not particularly pleased that all unfinished.

Basic instinct in the same genre looked interesting.

Specially to see that movie is not worth anything outstanding, and so on TV in the evening/at night you can look. He himself saw this movie because of sympathy for Daniel Otto, therefore, the assessment of the score is higher than expected.

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