Peter Steiner in Pornostadl 1979

Peter Steiner in Pornostadl 1979

Original title: Pornostadl Die sexgierigen Töchter 1979, Kohlpiesels Töchter 1979
Director: Jürgen Enz (as Kenneth Howard)
Stars: Christa Abel, Dorle Buchner, Eva Schmidt, Margitta Hofer, Marion Brandmeier, Horst Sieger, Sascha Atzenbeck, Siggi Buchner, Mario Pollak, Peter Steiner

The farmer Kohlpiesel (Peter Steiner) has four daughters, but two of them still have to be married to someone, because for a long time, there has not been a male descendant in the family of the Kohlpiesels. The daughters Paula and Petra are already having hot and wild sexorgies with their boyfriends, where no pussy stays dry… But Fritzi and Franzi still have to look for some boys, and so their sisters seduce two young local agents in the tavern, and finally there ´s a hot fuck-mix-up coming up. With the Bavarian actor Peter Steiner.

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