A Wave of Pleasure (1975) Una Ondata di Piacere

A Wave of Pleasure (1975) Una Ondata di Piacere

Directed by: Ruggero Deodato

Actors: Al Cliver, Silvia Dionisio, John Steiner, Elizabeth Turner

Country: Italy

Also known as: Una ondata di piacere, Wave of Lust, Oleada de placer

Description: Giorgio – rich, but narcissistic man who thinks he can do anything. He, along with his girlfriend Sylvia, a new friend, Barbara and her boyfriend decides to go on a sea voyage on his own yacht. He believes that everything belongs to him, even to make love with both girls. Gradually the conflict between all the characters is growing …

Review: Ruggero Deodato (House on the Edge of the Park) shoots psychological drama Wave of Pleasure. Despite the apparent similarity to the “Knife in the Water” and “On the bright sun,” the movie has its own unique style and stand out from the myriad of “Thriller on the yacht.”

The plot is simple: Giorgio – a very rich man, along with his girlfriend Silvia and a new girlfriend, Barbara and her boyfriend went to flight. Giorgio arrogant, narcissistic man who loves to humiliate all those around him. Most goes to Sylvia. Soon he no longer control himself …

Suddenly, this movie surprised me. The theme of “four on the boat,” it would seem already jets in the 70’s was exhausted. Deodato offered no new solutions, but took a very interesting and intense film.

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