1-900 (1994)

1-900 (1994)

Director: Theo van Gogh
Writers: Johan Doesburg (play), Johan Doesburg (screenplay)
Stars: Ariane Schluter, Ad van Kempen

IMDB rating 6.3. Won Dutch Film Critics Award and Special Jury Prize, Nederlands Film Festival 1994.

Storyline (from IMDB):
Sarah, 30, single, well educated, likes art, places a voice ad for phone sex, inviting replies from men under 35, sturdy and sensual. Wilbert, a chubby middle aged architect, leaves a message that he is Thomas, 32 and well formed. A week later, she phones. She likes his voice, he likes her laugh, so once a week she phones him (he’s not to know her last name, where she lives, or her number). Portraits emerge of humor and sadness. He presses for details of her life and tells her about his work; she wants these Thursday calls to be fantasy and release, separate from the rest of who she is. The film dramatizes these tensions of lies and truth, connection and distance. Written by jhailey

A review from IMDB by Frank Karsten (The Netherlands)
Quite entertaining
Theo van Gogh (distant relative of Vincent), the enfant terrible of the Dutch film ‘industry’ has created a pretty entertaining short movie. Certainly not sexually arousing to me but interesting and funny. Although the cast consists of only two actors in two different locations it didn’t bore me. Made for (if I clearly remember) only 250.000 Dutch guilders (divide by 2 for US$). Quite a feat by itself. I liked the scene in which Wilbert impersonates a professional interviewer asking Sarah very explicit intimate sexual questions in a very formal and quick manner. 8/10

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