Las colegialas se divierten 1986

Las colegialas se divierten 1986

AKA: Las colegialas se divierten | Wesola akademia | Tutti Frutti in der High-School | Happy High School
Year: 1986
Country: Argentina | Italy
Language: Spanish
Genre: Comedy

Director: Fernando Siro


The plot involves the school director bringing in a female inspector to clean up the school. The students decide to kidnap her and replace her with the sexy stripper “aunt” of one of the girls (who is naturally sleeping with several of the guys). The real director meanwhile falls madly in lust with one of her male captors. Meanwhile a goody-good student and her hypocrite father begin to suspect the ruse . . . So will there be a lot of crazy hijinks? Will everything work out happily in the end? Will the entire female cast (and an unfortunate amount of the male cast) find some excuse to get naked?

Note: Re-encoded and re-uploaded with approved video codec, reduced filesize and is almost lossless from the previous version. Uploaded for people who may have missed the torrent. My rip.

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