Occupation in 26 Pictures 1978

Occupation in 26 Pictures 1978

Alternate Titles: Okupacija u 26 slika

Set in Dubrovnik, this drama chronicles a friendship, between three men, that began just before World War II. One of the men is of Italian origin, another is the wealthy heir of a shipping fortune, and the third is the son of a Jewish antique-store owner. Before the war, they are fast friends, enjoying one another’s company at carnivals and at a private fencing club. When the war comes, the Italians and Germans move in to create the state of Croatia. The Italian boy becomes a fascist and courts and marries the sister of his rich friend. Soon enough, atrocities are being committed, and anyone suspected of Jewish parentage, or of leftist leanings, is killed. The Jewish boy and the factory owner’s son escape the general roundup, take revenge for some of the indignities they and their families have suffered, and join the anti-fascist underground

Director: Lordan Zafranovic
Writers: Filip David (collaborator), Stipe Gurdulic (collaborator)
Stars: Frano Lasic, Milan Strljic, Tanja Poberznik

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