Obszön – Der Fall Peter Herzl 1981

Obszön – Der Fall Peter Herzl 1981

Peter Herzl, social worker and Left sympathizer from Wuppertal is, assaulted and robbed on the way back from Yugoslavia to Germany. Due to some misunderstandings the police examined him as a suspected terrorist. In Vienna, he finds shelter with the prostitute Kathi. Kathi has an incestuous relationship with her adolescent daughter. Fascinated she watched her mother and Peter during lovemaking. Soon they would also participate in the game. Meanwhile the search for Peter is at full speed. And Kathi`s pimp sees an opportunity to get easy money by betrayal…

Director: Hans-Christof Stenzel
Writers: Alfred Paul Schmidt (dialogue), Hans-Christof Stenzel
Stars: Volker Spengler, Lydia Kreibohm, Karina Fallenstein

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