Cosi Fan Tutte (All Ladies Do It) 1992

Cosi Fan Tutte (All Ladies Do It) 1992

Directed by: Tinto Brass

Actors: Claudia Koll, Paolo Lanza, Franco Branciaroli, Ornella Marcucci and Isabella Deiana

Language: Italian (English subs)

Country: Italy

Also known as: Così fan tutte, All Women Do It, Anna vaimollesi vapaus!, Eine unmoralische Frau, Todas as Mulheres Fazem

Description: Diana happily married on Paul, but she was always looking for pleasure on the “feast of the flesh”, no feeling of guilt towards her husband. She is not going to keep her amorous adventures a secret from him, who believes her stories about the sexual adventures of imagination.

These ‘fantasy’ Paul excite and stimulate married love games. It was only when Diana returned from a short trip to Venice with marks of teeth on the body, in the field begins to awaken jealousy … He leaves the house, regardless of the numerous attempts to reconcile Diana.

But then Paul concludes that consistency in their sexual lives – something unnatural, and strict moral principles are not worth spoiling because they deprive themselves of life and the joys of love …

Review: Difficult for me to define what I refer explicit erotic films. Not being a fan of the genre, I watched this movie just because of the famous name Tinto Brass.

I did not watch it because of the nudity, much more interesting was how the director builds his paintings and why it is a classic of the genre.

Core of the film lies in the fact that having sex with other people is sometimes not a betrayal. That is to say, getting a new experience that will want to share with your loved one. And what kind of reaction may be the perception of the situation.

The main character is looking for new sensations in bed, still love her husband. She did not hide it, but my husband thinks it will change and forces his wife. Then, according to the prompts from the side, he began to look at it another way, rethinking what happened.

Tinto Brass particularly admires excellent female body, passing it to the exposed part of the breadth of the screen. It is impossible to name the word “porn” is a completely different side to the picture of sex, where he was cast in the role of art, add feelings of love.

Looking “All the ladies are doing it,” I did not know how to relate to such a picture, but this film does not disgust is, and in some ways makes hold your breath.

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