Mikaela, The Sweet Temptation (Mikaela o glykos peirasmos) 1975

Mikaela, The Sweet Temptation (Mikaela o glykos peirasmos) 1975

Alternate Titles: Mikaela, o glykos peirasmos

Mikaela a very pretty woman, married to a rich architect, goes to an island To meet her husband who’s working with his secretary and a family friend.The friend is very much in love with Mikaela, but his friendship with her Husband prevents him from revealing his true feelings. Mikaela attracts the attention of the local islanders and with the many problems she has with her husband it is inevitable that she looks for tenderness and love in the arms of a number of men, until that is, she discovers that the only embrace that will comfort her is that of a woman. In the end she will be abandoned by them all, except for the secretary of her former husband,who truly loves her

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