Violent Shit The Movie 2015

Violent Shit The Movie 2015

Directed by: Luigi Pastore

Actors: Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Antonio Zequila, Lilli Carati

Language: English

Country: Germany, Italy

Also known as: Violent Shit

Description: A flawed idea, really. Violent Shit was originally a 4 movie series that was super low budget, jam-packed with gratuitous graphic violence, with lots of ok splatter/gore effects, and even a sense of humor. This movie is the opposite of all those things: Bigger budget, shot on film rather than video with not a lot of gore, and the blood looks orange and thin like chicken grease. It also comes across more like an Italian Giallo rather than a German Splatter. There is too much dialogue, no suspense, and probably no script. Some of the effects are good, but to include this generic slasher flick in the Violent Shit Canon seems more like an afterthought than the original intention.

I’m not sure why Andreas Schnaas didn’t direct this since the series was his baby. Luigi Pastore, the director and co-writer, is only really known for Symphony in Blood Red (2010).

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