24/7: The Passion of Life 2005

24/7: The Passion of Life 2005

Directed by: Roland Reber

Actors: Mira Gittner, Marina Anna Eich, Christoph Baumann

Language: German

Country: Germany


Sex is nevertheless a really delicate theme in cinema. We have really tons of films speaking about love, envy, family, success and greed, but you will find nevertheless very couple of examples for religious or sexual themes – and also less which incorporate these two. There is an explanation for that. Sex is considered as dirty, Religion is considered as really personal. Information technology takes some wit to ignore both, and get deeply down the bunny opening to discover some responses.

“The passion of life” is a separate manufacturing which tries to shed a sophisticated light at this topic. And unlike an amount of other, they handle to-do therefore without utilizing sex as an eye catcher, but as the truly key to the main motif.

Certainly this film is NOT about BDSM, it’s no blockbuster, and it is not seeking to be. It’s a movie with a strong link to theater and to philosophy. If you try to discover a kinky SM film, look someplace else. If you ever wondered if there’s a deeper explanation for sex than merely look, breeding here.

For me personally, the many interesting part of the movie were the deep and intense conversations about lust and sin, which were far from being the typical black/white stereotype. And all the actors had been rather charming in their battle to fill their life with some feeling – like we all are looking for to-do. Particularly Marina Anna Eich as “Eva” convinced me as youthful, pretty successful woman, who is experiencing her brand new life with an amazement like Alice in Wonderland.

Don’t expect an effortless film right here. But in my viewpoint there’s small opportunity that you ever will get such a deep appearance at sex in a cinema when once again any time quickly.

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