Life Is a Woman 1991 Zhizn Zhenshchina

Life Is a Woman 1991 Zhizn Zhenshchina

Directed by: Zhanna Serikbayeva

Actors: Olga Kalmykova, Tatyana Orlova

Language: Russian

Country: Soviet Union

Also known as: Zhizn-Zhenshchina, Женская Тюряга, Жизнь-Женщина

Description: Madina in a trance for a loved one commits a crime, goes to prison, and then in the women’s prison. Many of the women prisoners to “break” obstoyateltstva. Ho, there are those who, even in extreme situations can maintain their dignity and independence.

Due to an unfortunate title and the cover, does not reflect the essence of the film Life Is a Woman, one might think that this is another section of the forest ….. and …… th topic. I can assure you that you are very wrong if you make such rapid conclusions. The main heroine of the film – Medina, the Kazakh girl who was led to the beautiful words of the beloved and made ​​an attempt to murder, for which he was imprisoned. And then their rules prevail – not to expose, do not knock, act honestly, how hard was not – this is the main idea of this is very good, in my opinion, kino.Zhenskaya slammer – not filmed in chernushny manner for the sake of seamy side. He removed philosophically interesting dynamic. The plot of the film immediately grabs you and does not let go until the very end. Of course, there is and Coble (so-called prison Buchi) and chicken, and the ladies who basically do not fit into these categories, because the noble and not fall to the meanness of existence and friendship, and most surprisingly, the film is so you know – you can live in such conditions, the only question is how to live.

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