Il cappotto di astrakan 1979

Il cappotto di astrakan 1979

Directed by: Marco Vicario

Actors: Johnny Dorelli, Andrea Ferrol, Marcel Bozzuffi

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Il cappotto di astrakan, Le manteau d’astrakan, Double für Maurice

Description: Piero arrives in Paris from Luino after having won a pool tournament with friends. In the train he meets the famous place Ramazzini and has so many incidents that culminated with his arrest and the confiscation by the commissioner Juvet. Released, find randomly hospitality at the madame Lenormand and know the great painter Valentine. Both women are tied up, as a wife and lover, Maurice, in prison for robbery. A day Piero wears a mistake and the coat of astrakhan, Maurice, and then…

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