Mariken van Nieumeghen 1974

Mariken van Nieumeghen 1974

Directed by: Jos Stelling

Actors: Eric Bais, Sander Bais, Kees Bakker, Jacqueline Bayer

Language: Dutch

Country: Netherlands

Also known as: Marika degli inferni

Description: Mariken van Nieumeghen (1974) is a Dutch film directed by Jos Stelling. It’s based on the late medieval play with the same title written in the 16th century. In the original play, Mariken is seduced by the one-eyed devil Moenen and spends seven years by his side. Jos Stelling makes his own adaptation of this well-known play. At least, well-known in Belgium and Holland.For more information on the origal play:

What I liked about this film, is Stelling’s vision of the Middle Ages. Stelling shows us a dark, dirty and perverse interpretation of the Middle Ages. It’s not unlike Hollywood films about the Middle Ages or the Italian adventure films. Stelling uses a lot of close-ups of ugly faces

The file has two audiotracks. One is the original Dutch audio. The other is a Russian voice-over. There are no subs. Well, there’re English subs floating on the internet but they seem autotranslated which results in uncomprehensible gibberish.

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