Sometimes Pornography Star 2015

Sometimes Pornography Star 2015

Production / Distribution Ltd. Peter Pan Pictures (Producer), Dream fact Entertainment (Distribution)

director Jangseongsu

appearance Hanjieun, Choeri No. , Bakjisu

Father’s death and divorce, slump,

Long interregnum and the awful loneliness …

I wanted to hide scars and even gave love

Due to the guy she was born again

As you should know the man realize that love can be satisfied only non-action tremor, Jin Hee (hanjieun) is overshadowed all know that while we wondered over to the man. If the love that is why the obsession? Also check that love is unchanging love to hate, nor does it attempt to possess without clinging want “Jin Hee. Such love is whether I wanted to confirm their faith in him. That the man is through the relationship between men and women is not one-sided win through to the finished delicacy and care to check again. And while getting over a calm healing through it, reborn as a beloved girl, not a woman forsaken.

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