Love Copyright 2014

Love Copyright 2014

AKA 사랑에도 저작권이 있나요? / Do you love to copyright?
Stars: Choejaehwan, Wang Bit-na


(Google Translate) I went to a friend’s house … my sister friends are sleeping! Popular yaseol writer Arnold unspeakable soksajeong! ‘Girlfriend and a senior section in anger‘, ‘friend sister series‘ such as the Internet yaseol popular writer Arnold. The reality is cram schools instructor and New Year subsistence dream of literary writers elected the same name (choejaehwan). One day before his first love Yeon (Wang Bit-na) appears. He claims the copyright of “the older section girlfriend and anger” of the novel, and wrote asking to share the proceeds from punishment for that! So Yeon love to hate the already after the first failure.

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