Working Girl 2015

Working Girl 2015

Stars: Yeo Jeong Cho, Tae-woo Kim, Sung-Min Lee

(Google Translate) “Working Girl” by the 赵茹珍, Clara starred, is a comedy “Working Girl” is the latest work, “All About My Wife” production team, tells the story of working women who are romantic love story. The film directed by director Zheng Fan know in “Working Girl” plays the female white-collar workers in 赵茹珍 Bao Ji was fired after shares Clara played by the blue-hee opened the adult shop, they began working together. Posters are disclosed role in sky blue and pink background, also indicates that two people with very different personalities. Zhaoru Zhen wearing a white shirt and skirt, with black-rimmed glasses, sexy show intellectual side. And Clara is moving hair, big legs in black fishnet stockings exceptionally suction eye.

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Part 1
Part 1

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