Flowers and Birds Basket 2014

Flowers and Birds Basket 2014

The film was selected as the outstanding works of fiction as the objective function “Danoni 6 Award” women writers of the same name , the first novel of deep Chi Miyuki Prize. OL ordinary women , as his children through the Internet to meet the master-slave relationship , draw , we fall into the world of the characters happy and shame . Experience has been attacked several times in the father- in-law became a junior high school student at the time of trauma , Yasuko mediocre OL has accepted the sexual experience of consciousness. It just enjoying virtual sex chat on the internet, but when viewed from a man who identify themselves as “S” ordered some behavior is an opportunity to indulge in deep, you do not even have thought of . Sen Nozaki as race queen and gravure model starring expose naked body every action has not been threatened .

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