Seven Princess Driver 2015

Seven Princess Driver 2015

Title: Seven Princess Driver
Genre: COmedy
Release Date: 2015/05/28
Runtime: 83min
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: No SUbtitles

Eight houses in Princess Villa one day gets a notice one day about an auction on the house. Oh Honey (Kwak Jin-yeong) gathers around the other residents of the villa and suggests they protect the villa from being auctioned off. However, the amount of money they have altogether is not enough to save it. After long thought, the residents of Princess Villa come up with an idea to run a substitute driver business. Their special services start spreading and their business does well but everything goes down the drain due to an unexpected incident…
Will they be able to protect their shelter?

Warning: described as an erotic comedy. May contain nudity and sex scenes.

Kwak Jin-yeong, Cha Yeong-ok, Kim Dong-soo, Yoon Seol-hee, Lim Ji-yeong-I, Jo Yoo-jin

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