The Outsider A Destitute Life 2015

The Outsider A Destitute Life 2015

The Outsider: A Destitute Life (2015)
AKA:卑劣的街头 /局外人:穷街陋巷 /局外人:下流人生/dda-la-ji: bi-yeol-han geo-li (따라지: 비열한 거리)
Directed by………..: Sin Dong-yeop
Stars……………..: Ko Se-won, Jo Min-seo, Jo Han-seon,
Yoo Jae-myeong, Ban Min-jeong,…
Country……………: South Korea
Also Known As………: dda-la-ji: bi-yeol-han geo-li

The lives of Misong, an indebted prostitute living in a red-light district, and Geunhee, her parasitic pimp, may be the most vile and futile on earth. The harder they try to escape, the deeper they fall into the pit. Every day, survival becomes a war. Every day, Misong grows more and more exhausted, deprived of any hope. She also grows to resent Geunhee, a jobless burden. Geunhee is and always has been a patronizing deadbeat. One day, when Geunhee gathers the spirit to find a work, he encounters a familiar street thug who offers him dangerous opportunity that he cannot refuse. Geunhee now stands at a fork in the road where he must decide.

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