Poison 1997

Poison 1997

Title: Heartache of Poisoned Sex / Poison
Revised romanization: Bbeuajong
Hangul: 쁘아종
Genre: Crime | Drama
Director: Jae-ho Park
Writer: Gun Kim
Country: South Korea

Park Shin-Yang
Lee Kyoung-Young
Lee Su-A
Yu Oh-Seong
Bang Min-Seo
Myung Gye-Nam
Lee Dae-Yeon
Kim Yong-geon
Lee Doll-Hyung
Jang Jung-Hee
Park Ji-Mi
Jo Byung-Gi
Lee Jung-Sung
Jung Seung-Kil – gangster

After being abandoned by her mother in a movie theater, Seo-lin learns to live life the hard way. She meets Jeong-il who suffers from chronic insomnia inside a cab and finds herself drawn to this quiet stranger. Hearing his thoughts recorded on tape, she is further drawn to Jeong-il’s innocence. Jeong-il, in turn, finds Seo-lin’s undeniable charm hard to resist. Their search for one another begins.

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