Mizo 2014

Mizo 2014

Title: Mizo
Revised romanization: Mizo
Hangul: 미조
Director: Nam Gi-Woong
Writer: Nam Gi-Woong
Producer: Jo Chang-Ho
Cinematographer: Park Jeong-Hoon
World Premiere: May 4, 2014 (Jeonju International Film Festival)
Country: South Korea

Lee Hyo – Mizo
Yoon Dong-Hwan – Woo-Sang
Shin So-Mi – Soo-Mi
Lee Jung-Yong – Jae-Gu
Kim Min-Hyuk – Ki-Tae
Lee Do-Hyun
Jo Ha-Suk – male customer

Having been sexually abused by her foster parents, Mizo was thoroughly hurt. She begins her journey to find her biological parents, using her bloody uniform she was wearing when she had been abandoned by them as a clue. Meanwhile, her biological father Woosang is continuing his trashy life even after he had thrown away his newborn daughter Mizo into a trash can. Mizo is hell-bent on revenge on him who, not to mention the feelings of others, cannot even feel his own pain.
Exhibiting the strong emotions in the law, the film’s theme of revenge breaks the taboo. Filmmaker Nam Giwoong‘s personalities are more apparent in this film, compared to his preceded works. In contrast to the wild, direct violence of the men, Mizo’s silent violence is well-prepared and carried out.
A flow of discourses and the silence are interveined, while the scenes of mean streets create chilly images. Nam approaches to deliver the sense of violence through the atmosphere of the streets are rather stylistic, making this film as a new departure from his previous works.

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