Resolve Aka Ricecake 2014

Resolve Aka Ricecake 2014

Title: Resolve
AKA: 떡 (tteok)
Genre: •Melodrama •Romance
Director: Lee Yeong-in (이영인)
Country: South Korea

Plot :

MEnjoy the love of the couple begins the day the wind is not good!

do not really love because of wounds received in the past unburned women who crave just a physical relationship. Cheoljin man that she loves and that hurts the heart. Not Available with all company employees and really love the look and knows how to enjoy a woman. Boyfriend’s Jung Min and see.
unburned, cheoljin, behold, the four relationships are intertwined seolkyeo eventually Jung Yeon and Jung Min is, to see that the wind puffing cheoljin are ..

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