Her Addiction 2014

Her Addiction 2014

Title: Her Addiction
AKA: 중독애 (jung-dog-ae)
Genre: Drama, Melodrama, Romance, Thriller
Director: Han So-joon (한소준)
Country: South korea

Kim So-ra (김소라)
Kwak Jin (곽진)
Soo Jin (수진)
Park Sang-woon (박상운)

A dangerous relationship is the wrong kind of love!
This is the start of an ill-fated story on desire.
Stalking is the wrong path to love. A man falls for an inappropriate method of loving which leads to a crime. Jin-ah stalks Dong-hyeon and thinks she has him, but loses everything after the truth is revealed. Yeong-min, who has been watching them, has ruined himself while watching them get wrecked. Too much desire leads to a hopeless situation…

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