Love Is A Crazy Thing 2005

Love Is A Crazy Thing 2005

Movie: Love is a Crazy Thing
Revised romanization: Yeonae
Hangul: 연애
Director: Seok-geun Oh
Writer: Seo-Gyeong Jeong, Seon-ho Nam
Producer: Seung-hae Cha, Mi-hee Kim
Cinematographer Sang-hun Park
Country: South Korea


Jang Hyun-Sung – Min-su
Jang Yeong-Nam
Jeon Mi-Sun – Au-jin
Kim Ji-Sook – Mrs. Kim
Park Sang-Gyu – Mrs. Kim’s husband
Oh Yun-Hong
Jung In-Gi
Yoon Da-Kyung
Kim Jin-Hyeok
Woo Ki-Hong
Kim Jong-Yub – karaoke bar man


Au-jin’s life is a series of boring days, one after another, until she receives a call from a stranger offering her relief from her crushing monotony. To a woman suffocating in a listless routine, the stranger – whom she knows only by voice – is her only outlet, a personal friend she can pour her heart out to. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when a certain Madam KIM rescues her from her predicament, and she meets a seemingly debonair Min-su along the way.

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