Miss Call 2013

Miss Call 2013

Movie: Miss Call
Revised romanization: na-ga-yo-mi-seu-kol
Hangul: 나가요미스콜
Genre: Erotic/Comedy
Director: Han Dong-ho (한동호)
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Miss Sin (Min Song-ah), Miss Go (Han Gyoo-ri), Miss Choi (Yoo Seon-yeong) and Miss Lee (Tae Woo) are women who used to be hot in Kangnam, Seoul. They are sick of the prostitution world and leave for their hometwon in Jinan. They open a coffee shop called “Miss Call” and swoon all the men in the area. People start coming in from afar to see them after hearing about them on the Internet. But one day, a madame they used to work for visits their coffee shop…

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