Delicious Love Formula Sex 2013

Delicious Love Formula Sex 2013

Title: Delicious Love Formula – Sex
Hangul: 맛있는 사랑공식 – 섹스
Release Date: 2013/10/31
Director: Lee Se-il (이세일)
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 78 min.
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: None ATM

Yoon Jae-hoon (윤재훈)
Yoon Ha-seon (윤하선)
Kang Joon-hyeok (강준혁)

Sneaking thief, Ki-suk, always tells himself it’s the last time in front of someone else’s house. Meanwhile, Ae-jeong has a weird disease which let’s men who’ve slept with her, read her mind. So she can only love at home on the phone and one day meets Ki-suk. They realize they can read each other’s minds.

Meanwhile, Min-woo is angry at himself for having women to meet but none that he can continue seeing. One day, a reporter and long-time friend Joo-hee comes by his office. She came on orders but actually she had feelings for him and tries to open up his mind.

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