Love Scene 2013

Love Scene 2013

Love Scene
러브씬 (leo-beu-ssin)
Directed by Kim Doo-heon (김두헌), Lee Jeong-won (이정원),Moon In-dae (문인대)
Screenplay by Kim Doo-heon (김두헌)
•Omnibus •Drama •Romance
88min | Release date in South Korea : 2013/10/03
CAST: Kim Jun-won, Kwon So-hyeon, Han Yo-joon, Hwang Bok-soon , Jang Hyo-jin, Hwang Bok-soon


The romance between an exorcist and a woman named Johannes, a pretty drunk lady passenger seducing the driver. A man is stuck in the basement by his mother who is a minister and a secret behind spiritual acting of the top actor. The strange and sexy story that men and women tangled with mystic ties.

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12 thoughts on “Love Scene 2013”

  1. I suggest please upload on YOUTUBE, because.. we can seen the preview screen, the important things on that point, screenshot.. on YOUTUBE you can use private, definitely not only me felt this concern, it will be perfect CAT3MOVIE.. thanks a lot, I like your site anyway

  2. Hmm.. I don’t know that.. Are you have any idea to provide the screenshot the movie? that a major reason for honest, its possible? wish that happen, thanks anyway 🙂

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