Moebius (2013)

Moebius (2013)

Movie: Moebius
AKA: 뫼비우스 / Moi-bi-woo-seu / Moebius, die Lust, das Messer (German)
Genres: Drama, Adult
Director: Kim Ki-duk
Screenwriter: Kim Ki-duk
Cinematographer: Kim Ki-duk
Stars: Jo Jae-hyeon, Seo Yeong-joo-I, Lee Eun-woo, Kim Jae-hong, Kim Min-seok
World Premiere: September 3, 2013 (Venice Film Festival)
Release Date: 5 Sep 2013 (South Korea)


Moebius was screened out of competition at the 70th Venice International Film Festival. It was initially banned in South Korea, before the Korea Media Rating Board reviewed the film and changed the rating.

A housewife (Lee Eun-woo) becomes enraged with jealousy over her husband’s (Jo Jae-hyeon) affair. Meanwhile, their son (Seo Yeong-joo-I) sits in the periphery, observing their violent confrontations. One evening, the housewife takes a kitchen knife into their bedroom to exact revenge on the father. The father though is able to repel her attack and throws her out of the bedroom. The mother then goes into the son’s room…

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