The Bluff 2013

The Bluff 2013

Title: The Bluff
Hangul: 허풍 (Heo-poong)
Director: Kong Ja-kwan (공자관)
Release date: 2013/08/14
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Melodrama | Romance
Runtime: 77 min.
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: None ATM

Lee Jeong-gil-II (이정길)
Kim Dong-soo (김동수)
Park Jin-wi (박진위)
Lee Deok-jae-I (이덕재)
La Risa (라리사)

4 old friends gathered after a long time. Banal daily conversation and continuous smut as always. Their sexual bluff battle start with such as, ‘You never held hands of an Idol’, ‘A common point of magpies and congress members – repay favors with their own body.’ and ‘I’ve slept with… nonhuman.’ At last the final chapter of the bluff battle comes. ‘Guys, do you believe in UFO?’

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