Sex of Magic (2002)

Sex of Magic (2002)

Movie: Sex of Magic
Revised romanization: Mabeobui Seong
Hangul: 마법의 성
Director: Bang Sung-Woong
Writer: Bang Sung-Woong
Producer: Yoo Eun-Hee, Park Sung-Chun, Joo Seung-Hwan, Park Sung-Min
Cinematographer: Shin Bum-Sub
Genre: Romantic-Comedy
Release Date: October 11, 2002
Runtime: 118 Min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Goo Bon-Seung – Park Sung-Bin
Kang Ye-Won – Han Ji-Hye
Lee Joo-Hyun – Yoo Jung-Woo
Choi Eun-Joo – Lee Yoon-Joo
Kim Jin – Choi Suk-Kyu
Lee Yoon-Sung – Ha-Rim
Park In-Hwan – Sung-Bin’s dad
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo – Sung-Bin’s mom
Park Jung-Soo – Ji-Hye’s mom
Kang Seong-Min – balloon man
Yun Ji-Min – Madonna

Everything seems to be going right for young Sung-Bin (Goo Bon-Seung). He’s got looks, money, a good job, and a beautiful fiancee. Only one thing is missing: he can’t satisfy his wife (Kang Ye-Won) in bed. He then sets out to master all things sex so he can return home and please her.

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