90 minutes 2012

90 minutes 2012

Movie: 90 minutes
Revised romanization: 90 Bon
Hangul: 90분
Director: Park Sun-Uk
Writer: Heo Seung-Min
Producer: Jeon Kyung-Bin, Kim Hong-Ki, Hong Hyung-Suk
Country: South Korea

Joo Sang-Wook – Sang-Hee
Jang Mi In Nae – Hye-Ri
Ko Jung-Min – Jung-Yeon
Kwon Min – Jae-Woo
Shin Ha-Yeon – Bo-Ra
Kim Tae-Jong – Hong-Ryeon
Ban Min-Jung – Journalist Yoon

Commercial director Sang-Hee (Joo Sang-Wook) only pursues financial success and fulfilling his own desires. He has sex with actresses simply by using his power. He then marries a woman, whom he does not love, to become the successor to her family’s business. Sang-Hee’s plan has worked well and he is now ready to takeover his in-law’s company. On the day before his inauguration, Sang-Hee meets Hye-Ri (Jang Mi In Nae) and has sex with her. On his way home after their intimate encounter, Sang-Hee receives a phone call from Hye-Ri. She then orders Sang-Hee to follow her commands for the next 90 minutes or she’ll upload their sex video to the internet. Sang-Hee then becomes the primary suspect in an attempted murder case.

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