Boarding house 1 (2014)

Boarding house 1 (2014)

Also Known As..: 하숙집 1 (2014)
Director : Kang Seok-ho
Cast : Kwon Ki-ha, Zhang Haram, Han Chae-min, Yang Geun-suk
Plot : A sexy boarder, a more sexy daughter, and a pure first love ?! The life of a married couple living with three girls begins now! A new student who stayed in a boarding house where only two girls run. In his unfamiliar life in Seoul, his only desire is a subtle shack with a sexy mother and daughter. Suddenly, the innocent first son, Sun Seung, who was in his hometown, comes to the house of residence for wanting to see his life. Next to her is the first love seunghi, the sexy glamorous housewife’s daughter beyond the door, and the housewife’s lady who boasts a full body in the bathroom next door. A twenty – year – old virgin ‘s sleep begins at night.

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