Thorn 2015

Thorn 2015

Also known as.: 까시 2015 (kka-si)
Directed by : Lee Yeong-min (이영민)
Cast Kwon Hae-sung (권해성), Oh Jung-tae (오정태), Ji Eun-seo (지은서), Jeon Ha-ra (전하라),…

Drawing life like a deeply stuck thorn.

Jin-goo is tall and handsome. Sam-bong is short and ugly. The two go to the same university and live in a rooftop house in the country. One day, Jin-goo meets Se-ra who simply wants to be in his arms. She begs him to let her stay with him for a week as she has no where to go and the three of them live together.

The three get close real soon until one day Se-ra gets drunk and tells them about the deep thorn in her chest and everything goes haywire…

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