Beautiful mom 2017

Beautiful mom 2017

Also known as…….: 아름다운 엄마 2017

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful mom 2017”

  1. I played this movie ok, maybe something wrong in your gadgets or your internet. This movie is great, i love the actor and actresses who played in this movie, the actor is amazing, I hope you can download more movies of him, thanks.

  2. I think I can help you. Just so you know, most of the movies, particularly the Korean films for some reason, have not worked for nearly the last 3 months. Most of you files DO NOT work properly. I assume this is because you are either using MKV files? This is a terrible file format in terms of compatibility, particularly for people wth Apple computers.. It is not designed for optimal streaming.

    I would ALWAYS use MP4, MPG or AVI if you wish to avoid these problems. Also, I realize it could also be the host or the video player you are using. I would also try a new video player. One that has a good reputation for working well. Example: Flowplayer. Never use FLASH! That is obsolete. Always use HTML5 video players.

    Here below you can see a video screenshot. You will see that when I click, it does nothing. It does not stream. Again, just to be clear, this is the case with most of the files you have posted over the past 3 or 4 months.

    Good luck!

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