My Friend’s Husband 2017

My Friend’s Husband 2017

Also known as…….: 내 친구의 남편 2017 (nae chun-gu-eui nam-pyeon)
Directed by : Joo Jong-baek (주종백)
Screenplay by : Lee Hyeon-yong (이현용)
Cast Yoo Yoo (유유), Kim Min-joo-II (김민주), Do Mo-se (도모세), Choi Yeong-bin (최영빈),…

Aren’t you sick of one man all your life? Let’s switch husbands! Ji-eun was having a hard time because of her different taste in sex with her husband. She talks to So-hyeon next door about this and she suggests and new kind of ‘sex therapy’; to switch husbands for a week.

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