Three-minute Partner 2017

Three-minute Partner 2017

Also known as…….: 3분 파트너 2017 (3-boon pa-teu-neo)
Directed by : Park Joo-yeong (박주영)
Screenplay by : Song Byeong-goo (송병구)
Cast Lee Soo (이수), Lee Chae-dam (이채담), Min Do-yoon (민도윤), Kang Min-woo (강민우),…

Dae-goo likes his sunbae Soo-kyeong, but she doesn’t like him back. One day he discovers 3-Minute Partners and passionately has Soo-kyeong as his partner. As he changes, will he be able to succeed in winning Soo-kyeong’s love?

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