Red Bikini 2017

Red Bikini 2017

Alternate Titles: 붉은 비키니 2017, bolk-eun bi-ki-ni 2017
Directed by : Choi Moo-yeon (최무연)
Cast Kim Jin-woo-V (김진우), Lee Da-min (이다민), Joo No (주노), Kim In-ae (김인애),…

A couples’ trip to Pattaya turns into hell when each others’ secrets come out into the open!

Soo-jeong and Tae-hyeon decide to go abroad with Sang-jin and Ji-hyeon to celebrate Ji-hyeon’s birthday. However, Ji-hyeon can’t make it last minute and the three set off.
However the local tour guide tricks them into losing everything they’ve got. Then they meet Lizzie, who Sang-jin falls for right away. They cross the line and Soo-jeong who secretly had a crush on Sang-jin, films them quietly. She then threatens Sang-jin to tell Ji-hyeon with the video of their affair and demands he takes her in. Tae-hyeon finds out about everything and the dreamy vacation turns into hell…

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One thought on “Red Bikini 2017”

  1. Beautiful, but please don’t put any block in their private parts, I wanna see their private parts playing each other, Buddy’s Mom is good too but it should show their private parts too, thanks for making this sites, I proud of you.

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