Healing Camp: One World 2017

Healing Camp: One World 2017

Alternate Titles: 힐링캠프 : 한 세상 2017, hil-ling-kaemp : han se-sang 2017
Directed by : Kook Man-joong (국만중)
Screenplay by : Kook Man-joong (국만중)
Cast Kim In-ae (김인애), Yoon Ji-seop (윤지섭), Han Se-hee (한세희), Yang Min-woo (양민우),…

I want to stay here like this today.

21 year-old reckless Hyeon-jeong comes home from a date with audacious plutocrat Dong-soo after a fight. Her father pressures her to work at his friend Dal-goo’s camping site.

One day Dal-goo saves Hyeon-jeong from almost being harassed by local gangsters and Hyeon-jeong starts feeling funny for him ever since then.

Meanwhile, Hyeon-jeong’s friend Mi-sook is jealous of Hyeon-jeong and while she’s working, Mi-sook seduces Dong-soo.

However, misfortune comes to Hyeon-jeong.

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