Sister-in-law’s Seduction 2017

Sister-in-law’s Seduction 2017

Alternate Titles: 처제의유혹 2017, cheo-je-eui-yu-hok 2017
Directed by : Park Sun-uk (박선욱)
Screenplay by : Kim Min-joo-III (김민주)
Cast Yoon Se-na (윤세나), Ah Ri (아리), Min Do-yoon (민도윤), Sin Seong-hoon (신성훈),…

An erotic sister-in-law and fake brother-in-law get horny!

You only live once. Jeong-min lives everyday in gambling debt and sex. He finds out his rich twin brother is missing and plans to take his place but his plans get complicated when his brother’s sister-in-law Sae-eun appears. Jeong-min and Sae-eun who loves him start living together. Will Jeong-min overcome Sae-eun’s seduction and put his brother’s wealth in his hands?

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Part 1
Part 2

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