Seoul Rainbow 1989 aka Seoul mujigae

Seoul Rainbow 1989 aka Seoul mujigae

Yu-ra yearns for money and fame while Jun wants to go back to his hometown. Yu-ra scolds Jun. Jun helps Yu-ra in her efforts to become a star. In her reach for stardom, Yu-ra is unaware that a person is helping her out from behind the scenes. Once Yu-ra achieves her goal, her actions are restricted and she is treated like a prized pet. Yu-ra realizes that her dream of being the top is a mask of falsehood and pain and she misses Jun’s love. She tries to escape her reality but instead her reality tightens its hold on her. Finally, Yu-ra ends up in a mental institution where she is forced into being an amnesiac. Jun learns of Yu-ra’s disappearance and he pursues her until he finds her in the mental institution.

Directed by………: Ho-sun Kim
Stars……………: Ri-na Kang, Seong-su Kim, Dong-jun Lee
Country………….: South Korea
IMDB Link………..:
Also known as…….: Seoul mujigae

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