Swapping Wives 2017

Swapping Wives 2017

Alternate Titles: 아내를 바꾸다 2017, a-nae-leul ba-ggu-da 2017
Directed by : Kim Moo-won (김무원)
Screenplay by : Kim Kyeong-eon (김경언)
Cast Si Woo (시우), Baek Se-ri (백세리), Jung Jae-sik (정재식), Si Hyeon (시현),…

A sexy sister-in-law instead of a quiet wife!

An innocent sister-in-law instead of a horny wife!

Two men struggle with their sex lives and they decide to swap wives.

Jong-woo is frustrated with his wife Jae-hee because she’s so silent in bed. He talks to Ji-yeong about this and she tells him she hasn’t had satisfying sex ever with her quiet husband Min-soo. Jong-woo and Ji-yeong find out they enjoy various positions and plays and end up spending a night together. Meanwhile, Jae-hee and Min-soo also want something soft and affectionate and the couples can’t be stopped now…

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