Scandal 3 (2017)

Scandal 3 (2017)

Alternate Titles: 스캔들III 2017, seu-kaen-deul-III 2017
Directed by : Lee Dong-hyeon-II (이동현)
Cast Hwang Seong-woong (황성웅), Jin Geon-I (진건), Na Jin (나진),…

Between extremity and secrets, the broadcast officially starts!

Late superstar Hyeok-bin is slowly regaining his reputation with his honest and funny online podcast. He considers this a chance he will never have again and does his best. Meanwhile, rookie actress Ah-hyeon, sex columnist Yeo-jin and movie director Tae-hyeon are panel mebers who hate the fact that they have to broadcast with Hyeok-bin who is hot-tempered. While the gap between them deepens, will their podcast succeed?

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Part 1
Part 2

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