Live With an Actress 2017

Live With an Actress 2017

Alternate Titles: 여배우와 동거 2017

A man who wants to hide in the world.

The most shameless guy in the world.

Suhyun, unconditional obedient woman.

Two men with totally different personality and a woman who can not understand

Noryangjin The curious story of living together in a cramped rooftop room

Suddenly a high school alumni buggy and his lover Suh Hyun arrived at a poor couple.

The ghosts that have existed since high school continue

I had to sleep on the floor with a single bed in a cramped single room, giving it to the same number and Suhyun’s bed.

The bugle has a night of insecurity that must be heard to groan.

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Part 1
Part 2

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