Mom’s Friend 3 (2017)

Mom’s Friend 3 (2017)

Also known as…….: 엄마 친구 3 2017, eom-ma chin-goo 3 2017
Directed by : Myeong Seok-hwan (명석환)
Cast Sin Yeon-woo-I (신연우), Lee Yeong-ho-I (이영호), Seo Won-I (서원), Seo Eun-yeong-I (서은영),…

A father and his son’s lives were wrecked after the wife got into a car accident. Her friend Mi-ae comes to the house to help them with the chores while she’s away. She is a good housewife and an even better sex machines when she’s drunk. The two men of the house give into her for her curves…

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Part 2

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