Adult Only Institute 2017

Adult Only Institute 2017

Also known as…….: 청불학원 2017, cheong-bul-hak-won 2017

Directed by : Choi Moo-yeon (최무연)
Cast Kim Min-soo-II (김민수), Yoo Ji-won (유지원), Oh Joo-ha (오주하), Jo Wan-jin (조완진),…

There is a man who is timid and shy but has a legendary package! Chi-soo is a repeater who gets bullied by his friends. However, he had a secret about his body that rumors wouldn’t die down about…
The secret was that he was the possessor of an outstanding package. Rumors about Chi-soo spread and all the women begin to desire him.
Chi-soo who realizes what he has, takes revenge on those who bullied him by conquering all their women…

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Part 2

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